after sex i want to...

  • nuttys_intimate_pads_connection_partner

    enhance the connection with my partner

  • nuttys_intimate_pads_couple_cuddling

    snuggle and enjoy each other's presence

  • nuttys_intimate_pads_couple_talk_connection

    have time to talk 1:1 with my partner

  • nuttys_intimate_pads_keeping_bed_clean

    keep the bed dry and clean

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say goodbye to those pesky wet spots after post-sex snuggles and enjoy the afterglow without any hassle

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  • keeping the physical love flowing

    kissing, cuddling and showing physical affection after sex can promote sexual and relationship satisfaction

  • better sexual communication

    share how sex can be better for both of you - what you like, dislike or things you want to try in the bedroom

  • boosting relaxation

    ease the transition from that heightened state of arousal to a more relaxed state by snuggling with your partner

  • deepening your emotional intimacy

    use that extra oxytocin to create a safe space to talk about each other's needs, desires, thoughts and feelings

    spend quality time with your partner after getting down and dirty...

    without dirtying the sheets 😉


    we believe that intimacy is about more than just physical pleasure. It's about building a deep emotional connection with your partner based on trust, respect, and open communication

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